Thursday, September 4, 2008

Season 1 Episode 1

During Ramadan, across the Muslim world folks watch a whole lot of tv. Much of it is regular soap opera and sitcom style.

Here's a fabulous show that has swept Canada and is touching a few in the US. It's only available on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Channel) and on Muxlim tv

I only put episode 1 and a few funny parts of season 1 on this blog. Season 2 has been much better.. and quite frankly the videos in Season 1 were posted as 3 parts while Season 2 is posted as 1 clip for each episode. Season 2 is written better and has more serious topics while still being funny.

Episode 1 part 1-

Episode 1 part 2-

Episode 1 part 3-

Season 2 is easier to watch... and actually better written. It has more serious and Islamic themes. On Muslim tv the second season got better reviews... although I liked it from the get-go.

Dr.Rayan Hammoudi is also amazing in the hijabi clothing department. Her scarves are ADORABLE and the style in which she wraps them is cute too.

Season 1- Highlights Episode

If you want to see more of season one, check out the location I found these clips on Muxlim tv

The first season was, for some reason posted in annoying 7 minute clips which are funny.... and actually really fuzzy when you watch them. Oh well, they're hilarious in my opinion.

If you want to watch the entire set (especially 1st season) without signing up for Muxim tv, or clicking on all 3 videos for season 1... check out the link to

Ramadan episodes include Season 1 Episode 1 and Season 2 episode 16.

The official CBC Little Mosque on the Prairie Website

The show takes place in a fictional Canadian prairie town in the province of Saskatchewa

Season 2 Episodes 1 and 2

Episode 1-

Episode 2-

Season 2 Episodes 3, 4 and 5

Episode 3-

Episode 4-

Episode 5-

Season 2 Episodes 6, 7 and 8

Episode 6-

Episode 7-

Episode 8-

Season 2 Episodes 9, 10 and 11

Episode 9-

Episode 10-

Episode 11

Season 2 Episodes 12, 13, and 14

Episode 12

Episode 13

Episode 14:

Season 2 Episodes 15, 16 and 17

Episode 15-

Episode 16- Ramadan in Mercy

Episode 17- JJ comes to visit Mercy... and Rayan's Dad wants to set her up to marry a friend's son in an arranged marriage.

The final 4 episodes are about Dr.Rayan and JJ... what will happen?? Oh yes.. I smell a cliff hanger

Season 2 episodes 18 and 19

Episode 18-JJ and Rayan try "Islamic Dating" (i.e. getting to know each other with chaperons and in public)

Episode 19
Leading up to the season finale, this is a pretty good episode. As always, Rayan's outfits are amazingly adorable! Mashallah, the pink scarf is amazing... love that sister's style. (yes, the actor's not a hijabi in life... but her character is)

Season 2 Finale.. Cliff Hanger Oh how long must we wait?

I have watched this video a few times... and it is seriously just THE cliff hanger.
SIGH, come on, someone post the new videos. If you've seen it and you know what comes next... No spoilers ok? Not unless you know where to find the video... And it will be airing on CBC October 1, 2008.