Thursday, September 4, 2008

Season 1 Episode 1

During Ramadan, across the Muslim world folks watch a whole lot of tv. Much of it is regular soap opera and sitcom style.

Here's a fabulous show that has swept Canada and is touching a few in the US. It's only available on the CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Channel) and on Muxlim tv

I only put episode 1 and a few funny parts of season 1 on this blog. Season 2 has been much better.. and quite frankly the videos in Season 1 were posted as 3 parts while Season 2 is posted as 1 clip for each episode. Season 2 is written better and has more serious topics while still being funny.

Episode 1 part 1-

Episode 1 part 2-

Episode 1 part 3-

Season 2 is easier to watch... and actually better written. It has more serious and Islamic themes. On Muslim tv the second season got better reviews... although I liked it from the get-go.

Dr.Rayan Hammoudi is also amazing in the hijabi clothing department. Her scarves are ADORABLE and the style in which she wraps them is cute too.


Mohammed UK said...

Salaam - just saw your comment on the Al Ain photo blog. I have been meaning to get around to LMOTP. Now's my chance!

Ma Salaama

ipv6 said...

haha, this is hilarious.
Thanks ;)

LisaM said...

I really like this show - it reminds me of "us" conservative Christians, actually - I guess we all have so much in common (except for the fashionable head scarfs - heehee). :)